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Lipman is the leading name in Tennesseeā€™s beverage alcohol distribution market. Established in 1939, Lipman Brothers became the state's first distributor of wine and spirits. In 1994, R.S. Lipman Company was formed as Lipman's distribution channel for beer, bottled water, mixers, crystal and cigars. Together, the Lipman companies service restaurant and retail accounts, and function as an educational resource for both trade and consumer markets.

Since the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution repealed Prohibition and granted each state the right to control the importation, distribution and use of alcoholic beverages within borders, Tennessee distributors and wholesalers have been allotted a distribution area based on specific counties. Lipman's distribution area includes 74 of the 96 Tennessee counties, representing over 77% of the state's population.

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   Middle TN Brands


  • Alley Cat Tea
  • Republic Of Tea
  • Xing


  • Abita Rootbeer
  • Boylan Soda
  • Canada Dry
  • Crush
  • Jones
  • Reed's
  • Virgil's


  • Bawls
  • Liquid Ice
  • Purple Stuff

Non-Alcoholic Beer

  • Acrobrau
  • Clausthaler
  • Erdinger


  • Xing